An entrepreneurial support organization is a portal by which entrepreneurs and small businesses receive business development services.

PBA’s Business Development Services Program provides hands-on assistance and back-office support services needed to start, scale and sustain companies based on their unique needs. We hire industry experts and partners to train growing businesses.

We also offer several programs:

  • Incorporate You: In partnership with the City of Kansas City – KC BizCare Office, PBA aids businesses starting their entrepreneurial journey to becoming fully incorporated.
  • Eco-Expert Boutique: Where businesses can meet with industry experts in order to obtain more small group or one-on-one assistance with a specific need in their business.
  • Technology Today: In partnership with Grow with Google, our Technology Today Program provides monthly online training designed to assist businesses with building and scaling their digital skills capabilities.
  • Design Exchange: In partnership with the Kansas City Art Institute, our Design Exchange Program pairs students with businesses to develop basic marketing tools necessary for a business to scale.

PBA and our strategic partners’ efforts are vital to the longevity and viability of an entire business community. PBA would like to thank our strategic partners for their ongoing support.

Small Businesses, Big Impact

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses create two-thirds of new jobs and deliver 43.5% of the United States’ gross domestic product (GDP). A small business is defined, in general, as a business with no more than 500 employees. A microenterprise is a type of small business with five or fewer employees including the owner. Some define a microenterprise with 10 or few employees.

The office of small business administration reports as of December 2021

There are 32,540,532 small businesses in the United States


or 26,485,532 firms

are “nonemployer” firms (have no employees)


or 6,055,421 firms

are “employer firms” (have paid employees)


large businesses

in the United States


sole proprietorship

of “nonemployer firms”


sole proprietorship

of “employer firms”

Small businesses make up:


of all firms


of firms with paid employees


of exporters (280,496)


of the gross domestic product


of private sector payroll


of private sector receipts ($13.3 trillion)


of known export value ($460 billion)

From 1995 to 2020 small businesses have:

Created 12.7 million (62%) net new jobs

while large businesses have created 7.9 million.

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