We all have to work together to see change in our community!

It’s going to take urban core stakeholders speaking in a unified voice to secure the resources, advocacy, and attention that our residents and families deserve. Isn’t it time?

Focusing on the community.

Prospect Business Association is the premier business group for those interested in the viability and expansion of the Prospect Corridor.

Speaking in a unified voice,The Prospect Business Association and its more than 51 supporting partners and stakeholders include business owners, investors, municipal agencies, pastors, and residents focused on the following redevelopment objectives:

People First
Job Creation
Community Health

It’s our time!

Kansas City has experienced economic injections that have reinvigorated areas such as the Crossroads, and Downtown, It’s time to reverse patterns of disinvestment in our urban core.

Promote Sustainability


Create a Healthy Community

The time is now!